Thursday, December 16, 2010


god bless the eyes that see souls through me, misanthropic and lucid, dreaming a persona real and unreal. i am your daddy, birthday and lunch, a face, a side, a window, i fly. i am not here, you are here, you are standing in for my reality, i cannot be there every time. drive me home, celebrate a return, deep breathing, techniques like wood, like glass, sharp, splinter, soft, inner folds, temperature rises, temperature falls. can you imagine me yesterday? the way that i see you tomorrow? i don't answer questions, you don't ask them. reciprocal. viral. cover. clean. rotted. dreams bleed into reality, my flesh is your flesh, but my teeth are mine. i passed. i fooled you. i get to try again. you have to wait. losers wait.

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